About International Journal of User-System Interaction

The International Journal of User-System Interaction (IJUSI) acts as an international forum where both academic researchers and practitioners are discussing HCI (Human Computer Interaction) issues.

IJUSI is publishing high quality peer-reviewd papers describing novel approaches, state-of-the-art reviews, case studies, and tools for the design, implementation and evaluation of interactive systems. Main topics cover:

  • user interface design
  • HCI tools, techniques and methodologies
  • systems and dialogue design
  • evaluation techniques
  • empirical evaluations
  • user and task modelling
  • new interaction paradigms
  • design theory, process and methodology
  • intelligent user interfaces
  • training and education applications
  • emerging technologies
  • hypertext and hypermedia
  • computer-supported co-operative work and learning.

The journal is published by MATRIX ROM and is edited by RoCHI (ACM SIGCHI Romania). Each volume has 4 issues.