Proceedings of the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction - RoCHI 2020



User Tasks Description: a Retrospective, Recent Contributions and some Research Challenges Philippe Palanque Full article
Steps forward towards developing preschoolers' digital literacy. An experience report Anamaria Moldovan, Adriana-Mihaela Guran, Grigoreta-Sofia Cojocar Full article
The Lib2Life Platform - Processing, Indexing and Semantic Search for Old Romanian Documents Irina Mitocaru, Gabriel Guțu-Robu, Melania Nițu, Mihai Dascălu, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu, Silvia Tomescu, Gabriela Florescu Full article
Emerging Patterns in Romanian Literature and Interactive Visualizations based on the "General Dictionary of Romanian Literature" Irina Toma, Laurentiu-Marian Neagu, Mihai Dascălu, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu, Laurențiu Hanganu, Eugen Simion Full article
Violence Detection in Images Using Deep Neural Networks Edwin-Mark Grigore Full article
Automatic detection of cyberbullying on social media platforms Ștefăniță Stan, Traian Eugen Rebedea Full article
Stroke Detector - An Application that applies the F.A.S.T. Test to Identify Stroke Mihnea-Ioan Rezmeriță, Irina-Elena Cercel, Adrian Iftene Full article
Intrinsic motivation and motives for Facebook use - a formative measurement approach Costin Pribeanu Full article
Targeted Romanian Online News in a Mobile Application Using AI Marius-Cristian Buzea, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu, Traian Eugen Rebedea Full article
Analysis of the time spent on Facebook by Romanian university students Valentina Iuliana Manea, Costin Pribeanu Full article
JIST: Java Interaction Separation Toolkit Adrian-Radu Macocian, Dorian Gorgan Full article
Discover the Wonderful World of Plants with the Help of Smart Devices Cosmin Irimia, Mihai Costandache, Andrei Mădălin Matei, Matei Lipan, Ștefan Romanescu, Adrian Iftene Full article
Secure management and integration system for electrical devices Daniel Florin Bîrsoan, Teodor Ștefănuț Full article
RASA Conversational Agent in Romanian for Predefined Microworlds Bianca Nenciu, Dragoș Georgian Corlatescu, Mihai Dascălu Full article
Conversational Agent in Romanian for Storing User Information in a Knowledge Graph Gabriel Boroghina, Dragoș Georgian Corlatescu, Mihai Dascălu Full article
Seeking an Empathy-abled Conversational Agent Andreea Grosuleac, Ștefania Budulan, Traian Eugen Rebedea Full article
Analysis of convergence and divergence in chat conversations Liviu-Andrei Niță, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu, Traian Eugen Rebedea Full article
Controlling a programming environment through a voice based virtual assistant Sonia Grigor, Constantin Ioan Nandra, Dorian Gorgan Full article
Increasing Diversity with Deep Reinforcement Learning for Chatbots Cristian Pavel, Ștefania Budulan, Traian Eugen Rebedea Full article
Design features of a VR software system for personnel training in aviation Andrei Bulai, Diana Andronache, Dorin-Mircea Popovici Full article
Usability Testing of Mobile Augmented Reality Applications for Cultural Heritage - A Systematic Literature Review Diana Tiriteu, Silviu Vert Full article
Interactive Assembly Simulation in an Immersive Virtual Environment Cătălin Moldovan, Adrian Sabou Full article
Exploring the main factors driving a satisfactory use of the Moodle platform Elena Ancuța Santi, Gabriel Gorghiu, Costin Pribeanu Full article
Student Testing Activity Dataset from Data Structures Course Paul Ștefan Popescu, Marian Cristian Mihăescu, Oana Maria Teodorescu, Mihai Mocanu Full article
Exploring age, gender and area differences of teachers as regards mobile teaching Gabriel Gorghiu, Elena Ancuța Santi, Costin Pribeanu Full article