About RoCHI Conferences

The Romanian Human-Computer Interaction Conference is an annual event for presenting and debating research activities and obtained results on the development and testing of interactive applications.

Researchers and practicians, professors and students, professionals from universities and the industry, and everybody else interested in complex aspects of human-computer interactions are gladly invited to contribute and participate to the RoCHI Conferences!

Topics of interest

Please submit original contributions in the following topics:

  • web interfaces, interaction techniques with mobile devices
  • intelligent human-computer interfaces, intelligent agents
  • VR and AR interfaces
  • multimodal interfaces (multimedia, voice based interfaces, natural language)
  • adaptive and customizable hypertext and hypermedia systems
  • cognitive models, native and affective factors in HCI
  • social aspects in interactive system development
  • task analysis and conceptual model
  • contextual approaches in HCI (activity theory, CSCW), collaborative models
  • models of Human Computer Interaction; new interaction paradigms
  • notations and representations in HCI
  • assisted development, automatic generation, instruments (CADUI)
  • development paradigms (model based, task based)
  • usability evaluation, accessibility evaluation, recommendations and design patterns
  • quality evaluation of interactive systems, predictive models
  • education in Human Computer Interaction
  • applications and case studies.