Proceedings of the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction - RoCHI 2019

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Human Centered Artificial Intelligence: Weaving UX into Algorithmic Decision Making Raymond R. Bond, Maurice Mulvenna, Hui Wang, Dewar Finlay, Alexander Wong, Ansgar Koene, Rob Brisk, Jennifer Boger, Tameem Adel Full article
Poem sonification: from words to notes Caroline-Cristina Stere, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu Full article
MyBand - a software system for music performances assistance Cosmin Beniamin Cristea, Dorin-Mircea Popovici Full article
Image Style Transfer using Text Descriptions Ionuț Gabriel Boboc, Mihai Dascălu, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu Full article
ArtworkVR: Novel Interaction Techniques for Virtual Painters Bogdan Maxim, Dorian Gorgan Full article
User Experience Personalization within software applications: A Data Mining approach Vlad-Mihai Dănilă, Teodor Ștefănuț Full article
Classification of eyewitness tweets in emergency situations Ioana Stefan, Traian Rebedea, Doina Caragea Full article
Designing an Intelligent Platform for Drugs Administration Ionut Cristian Paraschiv, Maria-Dorinela Sirbu, Bogdan Nicula, Mihai Dascălu, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu, Alexandru Costin Nuta Full article
Fake and Hyper-partisan News Identification Vlad Cristian Dumitru, Traian Rebedea Full article
DAR: Implementation of a Drone Augmented Reality Video Game Bianca-Cerasela-Zelia Blaga, Dorian Gorgan Full article
Evaluating the conformance with WCAG2 of Romanian municipal websites Costin Pribeanu Full article
How humans perceive multi-input controls in 3D scenes, a case comparison study Nicolae-Adrian Țocu, Valentin-Cătălin Govoreanu, Marco Leon Olescu, Teodor Marian Nițescu Full article
Exploring the differences between five accessibility evaluation tools Marian Pădure, Costin Pribeanu Full article
Co-Design of Edutainment Applications with Preschoolers. Is it feasible? Adriana-Mihaela Guran, Grigoreta-Sofia Cojocar, Anamaria Moldovan Full article
Introducing Edutainment Applications into the Formal Kindergarten System. An Experience Report Anamaria Moldovan, Adriana-Mihaela Guran, Grigoreta-Sofia Cojocar Full article
Mobile Application for UAIC Home Cosmin Irimia, Adrian Iftene Full article
Quizrific: an Android-based app for examinations Cristina-Ioana Drăghici, Elena Băutu Full article
Leap Motion-based Interaction in Augmented Reality Mobile Applications Dan-Laurențiu Haranguș Full article
FluentMotion - Gesture-based Interaction in Virtual Reality using LeapMotion and Reactive Programming Radu Petrisel, Adrian Sabou Full article
An exploratory object manipulation experiment using the core features of Hololens: A virtual library of augmented reality objects Dragoș Circa, Alexandru Matei, Alexandru Butean Full article
Smart Home Automation through Voice Interaction Andrei Mădălin Matei, Adrian Iftene Full article
Iasi City Explorer - Alexa, what can we do today? Camelia Miluț, Adrian Iftene, Daniela Gîfu Full article
In-Vehicle System for Adaptive Filtering of Notifications Elena Bautu, Carmen I. Tudose, Crenguta M. Puchianu Full article
Mobile building evacuation application Alexandru Marius Obretin Full article
Cultural Heritage Interactive Dissemination through Natural Interaction Emanuela Bran, Elena Băutu, Dorin-Mircea Popovici, Vasili Braga, Irina Cojuhari Full article