International Conference on User-System Interaction

19-20 September, Constan╚Ťa, Romania

Topics of interest


  • Contextual approaches (activity theory, Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), ┬ácollaborative models
  • Contextual modeling for user, platform, and environment
  • Requirements for UIs
  • Task analysis and modeling
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning for user interaction improvement
  • Socio-technical systems
  • Not mentioned before, but in this category


  • Accessibility and assistive technologies
  • Adaptation, personalization and customization of UIs
  • Cognitive models, native and affective factors in USI
  • Cross-device and cross-surface Uis
  • User-centered design
  • Predictive models
  • Design models, methods, patterns, and tools
  • Model-based/model-driven engineering of UIs
  • Models of Human Computer Interaction; new interaction paradigms
  • Not mentioned before, but in this category


  • Artificial Intelligence applications in USI,
  • Intelligent UIs and agents
  • Artificial Intelligence techniques for USI
  • Software Engineering for UI development
  • Notations and representations in USI
  • Social aspects in interactive system development
  • Social aspects in USI
  • Education in USI
  • UI development life cycle
  • Web engineering
  • Not mentioned before, but in this category


  • Evaluation methods with/without users
  • Quality models and evaluation of interactive systems (user experience, usability, accessibility)
  • Usability engineering & User Experience
  • Multi-context usability and user experience evaluation
  • Not mentioned before, but in this category

UI Types & Interaction modalities

  • Specific applications and case studies
  • Deformable interaction
  • Web interfaces
  • Intelligent user interfaces
  • Interaction with mobile devices
  • Multimodal user interfaces (multimedia, vocal, gestures, haptics)
  • Physical interaction
  • Tangible, Virtual, Augmented, Mixed and Extended Realities
  • Natural language-based interaction
  • Not mentioned before, but in this category