Proceedings of the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction - RoCHI 2017

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Contextual App’ification Christian Stary
LearnerSkill - A Serious Hex Wars Game Centered on Learner Comprehension Alexandru Marian Grigoroiu, Irina Toma, Mihai Dascălu, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu
Exploring the Perceived Ease of Use by Professors in Tesys e-Learning Platform Paul Ștefan Popescu, Marian Cristian Mihăescu, Mihai Mocanu, Costel Ionașcu
Learn-o-Bot: Educational Application Using Augmented Reality and Sphero SPRK+ Andreea Camelia Tripon, Teodor Ștefănuț
Overview of virtual worlds usage for student engagement Ștefan-Lucian Bucur, Florica Moldoveanu, Alin Moldoveanu
Agile Software Development Process with Task Models having Triggers, Preconditions and Context Constraints Peter Forbrig, Gregor Buchholz
Perspective-Based Usability Inspection for Active Aging in Place Websites Adriana Alexandru, Marilena Ianculescu, Maria Gheorghe-Moisii
A user-centric approach to test automation of web-based applications Ionuţ Petre, Dragoş Marian Smada, Radu-Marius Boncea
Predicting User Activities using GPS Collections Simona Andrieș, Adrian Iftene
A case study of usability evaluation: the Center for Active Ageing website Marilena Ianculescu, Ovidiu Bica, Dragoș Daniel Iordache, Costin Pribeanu
Using expert evaluation to assess the usability of the National Library of Software Programs Lidia Băjenaru, Ion Alexandru Marinescu, Costin Pribeanu, Dragoș Daniel Iordache
Rhythm analysis in chats using Natural Language Processing Irina-Diana Niculescu, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu
Using Text Processing in a Multimedia Environment. UAIC Activities in MUCKE Project Adrian Iftene
Perceived usefulness of Facebook for university students: A gender analysis across two countries Costin Pribeanu, Alexandru Balog, Vincentas Lamanauskas, Violeta Slekiene
The social media impact on local e-government institutions in Romania Maria Gheorghe-Moisii, Eugenia Tirziu, Dragoș Daniel Iordache
Identifying Similarities between Tweets Iuliana Minea, Adrian Iftene
Identification of Agreement and Disagreement in Chat Conversations Cetin Rasid, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu
Gesture-based Visual Analytics in Virtual Reality Mihai Pop, Adrian Sabou
Considerations for a Virtual Training System to Improve Job Interview Skills for Software Engineers Iulia-Cristina Stănică, Florica Moldoveanu, Maria-Iuliana Dascălu, Alin Moldoveanu, Dan Alexandru Mitrea
Tower Defense with Augmented Reality Bogdan-Mihai Păduraru, Adrian Iftene
Gamification in the context of user productivity and engagement Lorena Adina Sfăt, Teodor Ștefănuț
Conversational Agents Embodying a Character Using Neural Networks Mihai Ilie, Traian Rebedea
A pipe-based approach for service-oriented UIs Mathias Kühn, Peter Forbrig
Interactive Visualization of Spatial Multidimensional Data Bogdan Maxim, Dorian Gorgan
SpiMO - Sitting Posture Monitoring System Jullia Birsan, Diana Stavarache, Maria-Iuliana Dascălu, Alin Moldoveanu
Transformation of the system sequence diagram to an interface navigation diagram William Germain Dimbisoa, Thomas Mahatody, Josvah Paul Razafimandimby
Mapping Questions to Ontology Components for Question Answering over Linked Data Marius Valeriu Stanciu, Eugen Vasilescu, Stefan Ruseti, Traian Rebedea
Real-time Guided Procedural Terrain Generation Vlad Grigore Sima
Improving an NP-Chunker by Exploting the Inner NP Dependency Structure Mihaela Colhon, Dan Cristea