Proceedings of the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction - RoCHI 2018

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Effects of gender differences in the perceived learning quality of an AR-based learning scenario Costin Pribeanu
Filter Application on Facial Features in a Smartphone App Sofia Morar, Elena Pelican, Dorin-Mircea Popovici
Towards a VR-based Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation Tool for Cognitively Impaired Elderly People Ștefan Cojocaru, Dorin-Mircea Popovici
FoodAR - An Augmented Reality Application used in Gastronomy Mirela Chițaniuc, Bianca Miron, Adrian Iftene
A Systematic Review of the Methods and Experiments Aimed to Reduce Front-Back Confusions in the Free-Field and Virtual Auditory Environments Oana Bălan, Alin Moldoveanu, Florica Moldoveanu
Assessing the usability of web-based applications for diabetes care Maria Gheorghe-Moisii, Marilena Ianculescu, Costin Pribeanu
Using expert evaluation to assess the usability of the CNAS-SIUI Portal Irina Cristescu, Dragoș Daniel Iordache, Marilena Ianculescu
Usability evaluation of Tesys e-Learning platform Paul Ștefan Popescu, Marian Cristian Mihăescu, Dragoș Daniel Iordache, Costin Pribeanu
Mobile usability evaluation: the case of the Art Encounters 2017 application Silviu Vert, Diana Andone
Tools and resources for Romanian text-to-speech and speech-to-text applications Tiberiu Boros, Ștefan Daniel Dumitrescu, Vasile Pais
Speech & Speaker Recognition for Romanian Language Eugeniu Vezeteu, Dragoș-Florin Sburlan, Elena Pelican
ReaderBench Talk: Online Conversations Empowered by Advanced NLP Techniques Andrei Mardale, Gabriel Gutu-Robu, Mihai Dascălu, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu
Byzantine Music Composition Using Markov Models Teodor Lucian Anton, Ștefan Trăușan-Matu
Workflow Editor for Definition and Execution of Parallelized Earth Data Processing Algorithms Constantin Ioan Nandra, Dorian Gorgan
Smart Watch-based Gesture Recognition to Control a Music Player Ioana-Crinela Potinteu, Teodor Ștefănuț
Perceived Usability, Desirability, and Workload of Mid-Air Gesture Control for Smart TVs Irina Popovici, Radu-Daniel Vatavu
Toward Smart Rings as Assistive Devices for People with Motor Impairments: A Position Paper Bogdan-Florin Gheran, Ovidiu-Ciprian Ungurean, Radu-Daniel Vatavu
Augmenting Selection by Intention for In-Vehicle Control and Command Cătălin Diaconescu, Dragoș-Florin Sburlan, Dorin-Mircea Popovici
Game Development Methodology Mapped on the EvoGlimpse Video Game Experiment Bianca-Cerasela-Zelia Blaga, Dorian Gorgan
Exploring Solutions for the Development Methodology of the Video Game DABABAT Al-Doori Rami, Bianca-Cerasela-Zelia Blaga, Dorian Gorgan
Experiments on Computer Game Development Methodology Andrei Gabriel Morar, Dorian Gorgan
Impact of Game AI Systems on Player Experience Daniel Ciugurean, Bogdan Maxim, Dorian Gorgan
Enhancing player experience using procedural level generation Bogdan Maxim, Daniel Ciugurean, Dorian Gorgan
Initiative to Support Basic Digital Skills Development of Romanian Preschool Children Adriana-Mihaela Guran, Grigoreta-Sofia Cojocar, Anamaria Moldovan
Measuring the educational support provided by the discussion groups: A multidimensional model Gabriel Gorghiu, Irina Cristescu, Dragoș Daniel Iordache, Costin Pribeanu
Heuristic Evaluation of the EvoGlimpse Video Game Bianca-Cerasela-Zelia Blaga, Selma Evelyn Cătălina Goga, Al-Doori Rami, Dorian Gorgan
Analysis on Usability Heuristics for MagicHerbs Game Selma Evelyn Cătălina Goga, Bianca-Cerasela-Zelia Blaga, Flavia Andrada Pop, Dorian Gorgan
Real-Time User Interaction within Socio-Physical Systems Corina Bianca Alb, Dorian Gorgan